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When it comes to shops matter, I consider myself to be an expert. Having been living in this city for around 4 years, I have visited every kind of stores, from small vintage shops to really busy high street stores and exclusive designer shops.

So it was a little bit hard for me to decide which stores I would be writing about. Anyway, after making up my mind, I decided that it would be fun to compare total different shops within the market levels.
I have chosen to take ZARA (Oxford circus); which is a high street store and compare it with Burberry (Regents street); which is a designer store.

ZARA is a global brand, at the cutting edge of the fashion retail industry. It is owned by the INDITEX group, whose headquarters are based in Spain. ZARA designs and produces its own products based on the latest trends and catwalk designs from around the world. With its unique ordering process, ZARA is able to create and deliver products to its stores around the globe faster than any other retailer and is able to offer the most stylish and fashionable products at the lowest possible prices.
ZARA UK was established in 1998 with the first ZARA opening on Regent Street, ZARA is one of the fastest growing brands in the UK.

ZARA runs 4 different departments which are: Womenswear, Menswear, Childrenswear and ZARA HOME. Each department with different colections, from young and fun to mature and classic designs. ZARA offers a wide variety of colors, shapes and trends.




ZARA WOMAN prices range goes from 7.99 GBP for a basic t-shirt to 239.00 GBP for a coat.
ZARA MAN prices range goes from 9.99 GBP for a basic t-shirt, 19.99 GBP for a print t-shirt, 149.00 GBP for a coat and 169.00 GBP for a leather jacket.

This brand gets all kind of customers, from age range to occupation, from young students to more grown up people. The main customers average age is around 20’s and 30’s years old professionals.
Having worked in a ZARA store before, I would say suits, shirts and coats are what most customers go to buy at ZARA. I think is because they are quite versatile as in they have different styles from classic to more fashionable and trendy. Also basic t-shirts and shirts are really good sellers through the whole year. I personally think the quality of the fabrics and materials are really good for the price they are selled for.

ZARA windows are always quite exciting to see, they really get into the themes and atmosphere that they want to create. Styling is always immaculate on the mannequins. The only sad thing about it, its that they use many accessories and objects that they actually don't sell in the store.

There are 14 ZARA stores in London, Victoria, Regent street, Covent Garden, Oxford street east, Oxford circus, Bond street, Kings Road, Knightsbridge, High Street Kensington, Whiteleys, Westfield White City, Canary Wharf and Westfield stratford.

In ZARA Oxford circus you can only find WOMENSWEAR department which is on the main floor, TRF (TRAFALUC) and MENSWEAR departments which are on the basement floor.
Personally I love the way the merchandising is done in ZARA, because it is really organized and clean (visually) which is important to sell products. Also, they don’t have particular sections for jeans, basics, shoes, etc; like in other stores. ZARA merchandising consists in giving at least 6 different looks in each wall and these looks are divided also into categories which are young (jeans), classic, classic sport, moda and moda sport.
Shoes can be found at the bottom of each wall or tables and also on display around the shop floor. Bags are normally displayed at the top of each wall and sometimes on the tables. Hats, ties and scarves usually have their own display space in the shop floor.

Shopping experience depends on the time and day you visit the store. If u wish to have a pleasant shopping trip and get really good customer service, without waiting long time in the queus for fitting rooms or tills; then I highly recommend you go before 2pm. Otherwise it is really a nightmare, with long queus, untidy tables and a lot of customers.

Return and exchange policies are pretty much the same than any other store in London. You can buy anything and if you then change your mind, refund or exchange can be done within 30 days having your receipt with you of course.

Online shopping is available also in its website which is: , they also have facebook page for daily updates,

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