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One of my favorite british brands is BURBERRY, best known for their amazing and always fashionable trench coats. I’m a really huge fan of this brand and its designer (Christopher Bailey), every season they come up with amazing creations, I just love the whole classic british style that they propose. Always innovative and authentic, Burberry is one of the leading british luxury brand globally.

Going back in history; Burberry was founded in 1856 when 21-year-old Thomas Burberry, a former draper's apprentice, opened his own store in Basingstoke, Hampshire, England. In 1880, Burberry introduced in his brand the gabardine, a hardwearing, water-resistant yet breathable fabric, in which the yarn is waterproofed before weaving. Burberry was the original name, but then the company soon switched to using the name Burberrys, after many customers from around the world began calling it Burberrys of London. This name is still visible on many older Burberry products.

In 1891, Burberry opened a shop in the Haymarket, London, which still exists and until recently was the site of Burberry’s corporate headquarters. Now the headquarters are at Horseferry House just behind Houses of Parliament, Westminster (London).

Burberry runs 3 different departments WOMENSWEAR, MENSWEAR AND CHILDRENSWEAR. This brand offers a wide variety of formal and casual wear. Still the most popular garment is the classic trench coat with its multiple variations every season with a different twist.

Menswear prices range goes from 150.00 GBP for a classic white shirt, 225.00 GBP for a merino sweater, 1,195.00 GBP for a shearling collar biker jacket and 1095.00 GBP structural cotton trench coat.

Womenswear prices range goes from 195.00 GBP for a pleated bib front shirt, 265.00 GBP for a jersey dress, 495.00 GBP for a jacket and 550.00 GBP for a trench coat.

There are around 11 Burberry shops in London, Bond Street flagship store, Covent Garden, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Heathrow terminal 1, 3, 4 and 5, Knightsbridge, Selfridges and White City.

The visual merchandising in Burberry stores is really tidy and clean. They have some special accessories and shoes sections in some stores. But it is pretty much the same as in ZARA stores. Their merchandising consists in creating at least 3 or 4 different outfits in each wall (hanging) and also they have some folded sweaters and bags at the top of each wall on a shelf.

Shopping experience is quite good. What I like about Burberry is that even if they are a luxurious brand; you can really feel welcomed into the store. The staff is really friendly and chilled not like in other designers stores where people tend to be not so welcoming unless you look like you going to spend thousands and thousands in the store.

Burberry main customers tend to be more grown up people, as their designs are really classic plus they are also really expensive, so its quite hard for young people to get anything from this brand. That doesn’t mean you can not find young clothing line, in fact they also do a lot of casual wear (which still looks quite dressy).

Burberry also gives the option of online shopping in their website which is:

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