Wednesday, 12 May 2010

New Talent

Honestly like how AMAZING are this designs?? i totally LOOOVE them... and guess what?? I just had lunch in central london with the very talented designer and friend.. She is an indonesian girl her name is RINDA SALMUN, i first met her like 2 years ago through my best friend Lyla Sabino who took a summer course with Rinda's brother, she is such a lovely girl and i am so happy for her, this is her very 1st colection and its having so much success, i can not talk much about this, cos its like a huge project and its gonna appear in a photoshoot for a very famous fashion magazine in the UK. I am sure we will see more of her work in everywhere, and i am happy to say that i will be actually helping her a little bit in all of this. This is so big for me. =) what do u think guys.. dont u love the designs? I DO. 


Designer: Rinda Salmun
Photographer: Nicoline Patricia Malina

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