Thursday, 21 January 2010


My first photoshoot with my new camera as a model.. i have to say it.. i love photography.. modelling.. and fashion.. more everyday, i really wanna do this for life, its the only thing i feel such a pasion about.. and i know i ll do it.. but things have been going not to well for me this months.. anyway.. im sure i will be joining LCF really soon.. cos i deserve it.. thanks to my sister and my cousin for taking this pictures.. love u girls!! 


  1. well well feeling like p diddy or like Ke$ha jaja esta padre tu blog i luv it ya quiero verte
    co todos tus sueños cumplidos
    por que obvio
    necesito a donde llegar cuando vaya a london!! jaja ciao Friend te veo mañana

  2. daniiiel! hay una tortuga en la piscinaa? :O

    woow!!!! hey esta pendientee el picnic en rioo eh!

  3. jajaja... siii se llama TUGA... jaja!! y obvioo kuando kieraas ya sabes ioo mas ke feliz kon el picnic y el photoshoot y sesion de bronceado jajaja!